This bolt-in module holds 750L of waste with 380L of fresh water.


The Satellite Industries MAL300 is the ideal service module for those who want to adapt an existing delivery (or flat bed) truck or trailer to do servicing. By weighing under 1000kg fully loaded, it can be put on virtually all trucks without going over legal limits. Offering greater flexibility to any fleet and being able to use driver’s with only permit B makes the MAL300 the best choice on the market as an entry level module.


Total Volume 1130L 1130L 1130L 1130L
Waste Capacity 750L 750L 750L 750L
Fresh Water Capacity 380L 380L 380L 380L
L x W x H (mm) 1400 x 1710 x 1500 1400 x 1710 x 1500 1400 x 1710 x 1500 1400 x 1650 x 1500
Footprint L x W (mm) 1500 x 1800 1500 x 1800 1500 x 1800 1500 x 1750
Empty Weight* 280 kg 290 kg 295 kg 305 kg

*Dry weight is based on calculation of all components separately. They may vary depending on the service module configuration.

Standard Features

  • Material, Aluminium 5454
  • Type ‘tank-in-tank’ 2 chamber
  • 2 Zinc Anodes
  • Easy Fix mounting system
  • Primary ball valve
  • Manhole 8” (DN200)
  • Secondary ball valve with 1½’’ (DN40) drain
  • Oil separator with drain
  • Heavy duty, UV-resistant hoses
  • Honda GX160 electric start (MAL300, MAL300LP, MAL300HPe)
  • Honda GX200 electric start (MAL300HP only)
  • 12V Battery (MAL300, MAL300LP, MAL300HP only)
  • Vacuum pump Conde 2.000 l/min
  • External oil tank for vacuum pump
  • 2 Sight glasses for waste water level
  • 3” (DN80) Waste inlet (with 2” connector)
  • Sight tube for fresh water level
  • 1¼’’ (DN32) Bucket-fill
  • 3” Waste outlet with 3” Camlock couplers


    Low pressure washing system (MAL300LP only)

  • Electric waterpump (19 l/min)
  • Waterfilter
  • 10m of 1/2” hose stored on hook
  • Spraygun with adjustable nozzle
    Electric High pressure washing system (MAL300HPe only)

  • Leeson 1hp electric motor
  • External battery needed
  • CAT HP Pump 4DX27, set at 9.5l@85b
  • 15 liter soapdispenser
  • 10m of HP hose, stored on hook
  • Short spraygun with adjustable nozzle
    Beltdrive High pressure washing system (MAL300HP only)

  • Electric clutch to disconnect HP pump
  • CAT HP Pump 3CP112, set at 12l@140b
  • 10m of HP hose, stored on hook
  • Short spraygun with adjustable nozzle
    Suction hoses

  • 2″x7.6m
  • 2″x9.1m
  • 2″x12.2m
  • 2″x15.2m
  • 2″x18.3m
    Dump hoses

  • 3″x1.5m
  • 3″x3m

High pressure hose reel ABS (MAL300HPe and MAL300HP only)
High pressure hose reel Stainless (MAL300HPe and MAL300HP only)
Vaporizer to eliminate odour

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